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"Point PR" - Public Relations and advertising in Russia.

We have been successfully operating in PR-promotion of Russian and foreign companies in the Russian mass media for over seven years. Our main objective is a maximum frequent mentioning of a customer in the print media. We create relevant news topics that are really interesting for the press. Former editors and journalists work for our company, and we are well aware of how editorial part of any publication is created.

The main line of our business is creation and posting of news in the print media. We do not mechanically mail one press release or persuade advertising departments to publish the news with promises to advertise some day. While having understanding of editorial policies of various periodicals, we rewrite an article almost for different groups focusing on the particular part of the news that are interesting for their line of business. Thereby, we achieve a maximum number of publications of one news topic. In addition, when conducting press events, we invite only journalists and editors.

We deal with practically any line of business, and our portfolio contains projects with both small companies and with the Greek Government and the Jerusalem Mayor's Office. 

Almost all released news is free of charge for the customer. A rare exception is a barter cooperation or a cross-promotion event; in this case, a customer incurs minimum costs.

We not only support any of your activities in the print media, take care of the PR-support of you direct advertising, but we also participate in creating news topics about you and  about possible integration in various activities.

And what is most important, we are committed to long-term relations with our customers; and therefore, we have a very loyal approach to pricing. Cost of our works is appropriate to the work done. Actually, we offer you to get an outside PR- department for the amount comparable to an average PR-manager salary. 

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public relations and advertising in Russia
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